Panoramic windows blur the boundaries between the inner and the outer space of your home. A lot of natural light can trickle through the large glass surfaces making the room seemingly larger and more comfortable. The panoramic windows ensure an optimum use of the room and increase its transitivity.

Lift-slide panoramic windows

The lift-slide panoramic windows are characterized by modern design and easy and practical opening. They enable very wide dimensions. A low tread threshold offers an elegant passage from the room onto the balcony or the terrace.

You can choose among any combination of door and fixed wings. More details in our catalogue.

Tilt-slide panoramic windows

In addition to all the advantages of panoramic windows, the tilt-slide panoramic windows enable the tilted opening position which enables the room ventilation. For this type of windows, the recommended maximum width is 350cm and the recommended maximum height is 230cm. However, individual windows can be united into larger lengths.

More details in our catalogue.

Fixed panoramic windows

If you wish to blur the boundaries between the inner and the outer space almost entirely, you can replace your walls with the fixed panoramic windows that can be combined with windows, balcony doors or slide windows.