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Why Glin?

Why Glin?2016-11-30T15:23:43+01:00
  • 110-year-old tradition in wood processing
  • Short delivery times – for wooden windows and doors up to 35 days, for wood/aluminium from 55-60 days
  • Broad sales network – our products can be ordered in all larger shops  across Slovenia
  • Counselling  for the selection of a suitable window, shades and installation considering the desired thermal and noise window insulation
  • Resolving of complex installation details for renovations of individual houses and larger public and business facilities
  • Help and support at drafting the documentation for benefiting from the ECO Fund
  • We also draw your attention to the legal provisions related to the installation of the wooden components, in particular in improvements of energy performance and new constructions of public facilities.
  • Numerous private customerspublic facilitiesconstruction and construction engineering companies have put their trust in us.